“Broke” Jokes

"Broke" Jokes

Some friends told me my series of “Broke” jokes on Facebook status were pretty funny.  So I thought I’d compile them all, and post it on my blog.  Enjoy!  (… assuming you’re not a BN politician)

  • Broke. Would sell jokes for cash. Then come Najib with kangkung ruining my potential career.
  • Broke. Would sell Nokia Windows Phone for cash. Posted online ad but admin moved it to Construction Material section, under Bricks.
  • Broke. Would sell rims for cash. Very new. Yet to run over Najib. Seriously, rims for Renault Megane 250 or 265.
  • Broke. Would sell future for cash. A Thai prospect called me for location, and accused me of lying: “You from Malaysia. Where got future?”
  • Broke. Would sell Chinese for cash. MCA immediately called me to run for president.
  • Broke. Would sell dog for cash. Najib walked by and said “Dun wan. I already have MCA.”.  Anybody want a original headset instead? Unused. New like BN brains.
  • Broke. Would sell blood for cash. A vampire called for a pint, but I said I only had a few drops. “Eh? Why so little?” “Because BN already sucked me dry.” Do you want a flash drive for iPad/iPhone/PC instead?
  • Broke. Would sell Najib for cash. Almost immediately Hell called me for a quote. I said free.
  • Broke. Would sell MyKad for cash, but discovered every immigrant already bought one from his home country. So offering energy drink from Singapore instead at RM12. Please book soon. Because supply limited. Unlike MyKad.
  • Broke. Would sell country for cash. But then found out Indonesian government would rather buy intelligence from Singaporeans. So selling a bunch of SD Cards, Mini SD and adapters instead. Good if you take a lot of spy photos. Anybody?
  • Broke. Would sell Lee Chong Wei for cash. But I turned down a RM30 million offer. I might not have much principle but I just don’t do deals with Rosmah.
  • Broke.  Would sell virginity for cash.  Lightly used.  Good condition.  But nobody bought it.  So a offering my Pebble watch instead.  Anyone?
  • Broke. Would sell dignity for cash.  But then found out it is already in over-supply by traffic police at RM50 per piece.
  • Broke. Would sell soul for cash. But first anybody wants my S3 batteries.  RM35 each, or RM150 for all 5.
  • Broke.  Would sell body for cash.  Then some China guy called and said he only wanted the liver.  So offering my SD Cards instead.  Any buyer?  (Liver not for sale)