Sometimes, I write in English

I write in Chinese primarily, but sometimes, I feel that some ideas (or emotions) are better expressed in English. I put together this page for friends who’re interested in my English work.
Chiew Ruoh Peng


Yellow moon through treetops

翻译October by Louise Glück

星洲文艺春秋邀约数位诗人,各自尝试翻译诺贝尔文学奖得主Louise Glück的作品。因版位有限,大家只翻译第…


When I said you weremy auroraI did mean I was preparedt…
The Black Sea

The Black Sea

After crossing, to our surprisesomeone had shifted the …
man with mug near tent in countryside

Root Canal

It’s not painful anymoreI am still a toothin the …



Dirty Racing

Dirty Racing

I’d always thought car racing was a competition o…