About Peng

Chiew Ruoh Peng is a Malaysian Chinese poet who writes primarily in Chinese. Apart from writing, he is also a regular spoken word poetry performer.

He helms Mentor Publishing Sdn. Bhd. that regularly publishes Malaysian Chinese literary work and run literary events. Chiew is the key person in organizing the long-running poetry show Dong Di Yin, and the first Mandarin spoken word open mic in Malaysia, Shiwu Jidan. He propagates the art, both in the form of writing and live performances, by frequent lecturing.

He has won several literary awards including Hua Zong Literary Award (Malaysia), Hai-O Literary Award (Malaysia) and Outstanding Young Poet Award (Taiwan). Three compilations have been published under the titles Lovesick, Speedread and Vanilla. Besides writing poetry, he is a columnist for China Press (Malaysia), Nanyang, The Interview and New Life Post.

In addition to writing, Chiew’s interests include motorsports and magic. He is also an entrepreneur, currently running several companies including

Currently, he is also the Deputy President of the Malaysia Chinese Writer’s Association.