My 4 reasons to use Setel by Petronas

My 4 reasons to use Setel by Petronas

Once upon a time, we paid for petrol at the cashier with cash. Older drivers would remember those days: how we used to squeeze the lever ever so gently just to get a nice, round number, so that we didn't have to deal with loose change.

When self-service refueling was introduced, we paid at the fuel pump itself with credit cards. Round number or not, it didn't matter any more. Just when I thought it couldn't get any more convenient, PayWave was introduced. And recently, Setel by Petronas.

Setel won me over to Petronas. First of all, I don't really care what brand of fuel that I use. All brands share the same base, only with different additives. The differences in performance and fuel economy are barely perceivable. Convenience is my top concern, and that's where Setel shines.

1. I pay in my car

Drive up to a fuel pump. Open the . Enter the fuel pump number and tap full tank. By the time I get out of the car, the fuel pump will be ready for fueling. Convenience is one thing. It is also sanitary. With COVID still lingering, I really don't want to enter my credit card PIN on the fuel pump keypad.

My 4 reasons to use Setel by Petronas

Setel is an e-wallet too, but you can only pay for petrol or buy stuff in Mesra shop. Given its limited use, I don't keep money in it. Fortunately, now Setel binds with your credit card. Any purchase would be charged to my card directly. No top-ups necessary.

2. Receipts and statements in my email

My company pays for my fuel. Before Setel, I had to compile physical receipts every month. With Setel, all receipts are sent in email. But I don't even need to bother with each individual receipt, because a detail statement is emailed to me every month. I just use that for job expense claim, saving me tons of time and hassle.

3. Automatic Mesra Point rewards

Setel is tied to Mesra reward program. I earn points for every Ringgit spent. My physical Mesra card is stuffed in a drawer somewhere. I never need it. Mesra points can be converted into money in the e-wallet easily.

My 4 reasons to use Setel by Petronas

4. Setel is expanding its services

Recently, I noticed new services popping up in the app: Motor insurance, parcel delivery, fully automated payment for KLCC car park. I don't use any of those yet, but I most probably will in time. Glad to know that they are actively developing Setel into something even more useful.

Get Setel now. Please use my referral code ygnk to help me save a few Ringgit. 😊

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