Pruuf – alternative grammar checker for Malay

Pruuf - alternative grammar checker for Malay

Pruuf, as a proofing suite with grammar checker, is relatively new. In addition to grammar checker for Malay, Pruuf also offers English checker and even Chinese phrase checker. That's unique in the Malaysia market.

Grammar checker for MS Word and Chrome

Pruuf integrates with MS Word to check spelling and grammar. It also has a dedicated add-on for Google Docs. In addition, Pruuf works with browsers like Chrome and Firefox. Most Chromium browsers are also supported, like Brave and Vivaldi.

Pruuf side pane appears the same across all platforms

Cool looking, unified interface

The interface of Pruuf looks more contemporary compared to its competitors, a new take on the classic. What's most applaudable is that it tries to unify the proofing experience across all platforms. Whether you are using Pruuf in MS Word or on most websites in Chrome, you see the same Pruuf side pane that shows you the detected mistakes and suggested corrections.

As for quality of spelling and grammar checking, Pruuf delivers top notch quality. It can detect mistakes accurately and provide relevant suggestions and explanations. However, it does not provide addition reference materials like dictionaries and thesaurus like DewanEja11 does. But that doesn't matter because you can always install the free (and excellent) Kamus Pro separately.

Pruuf is unbeatable in one important aspect — its subscription fee is incredibly low, as low as RM3 per month! Overall, Pruuf is a worthy contender. If you care about your writing, you really need to give it a try.

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