DewanEja11 – the best grammar checker for Malay just got better

DewanEja11 - the best grammar checker for Malay just got better

I don't talk about work on my personal blog often, but we're really proud of our latest achievement. Dewan Eja Pro 10 was already the leading (I really wanna say “best”) spelling and grammar checker for Malay. How do we improve on that? DewanEja11 is the answer.

AutoComplete & AutoPrediction – DewanEja11 Types for You

We want to help you save time when writing. We already do that pretty well by automatically highlighting potential mistakes for you in MS Office. So, we thought: what if those mistakes are never made in the first place? What if DewanEja11 can type for you?

We invested a lot of resources to research typing patterns, and further integrate DewanEja11 with MS Word. As you type, DewanEja11 suggests the possible words and phrases on the fly.

Grammar Checker in Chrome (and more)

Nowadays we do a lot of work in our browsers. In addition to MS Office, DewanEja11 now works with Google Chrome and many other Chromium-based browsers, including Microsoft Edge, Brave and Vivaldi. Oh, Firefox too.

Now, you can also use DewanEja11 with your favorite websites, including Gmail, , Facebook and more.

Other Features that You Love

All the features that make DewanEja11 the best are still here. The lexicon has been enriched with more than 24,000 entries. AutoCorrect, document templates and translation interface are all there to help you write better and faster.

Try it for yourself. Get a free trial now.

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