As agreed, the venue wasn’t to be Egypt
Time enslaved us
We had to escape
into aimless wandering
into hunger and thirst
into love

We departed before fixing a date
The journey thus enslaved us
Sandstorm dissected the prophet’s silhouette into mirage
I thought if I could press the sand into a stone
and carved onto it the commandments
An anchor in the sea of sand
would be my imaginary guide
in the prolonged wandering

No sun, no rain
Silence enslaved us
We left the curse by destiny
but to where should we go?
The divine staff fractured into pieces
at the end of the red sea
Which of us would first crumbled into bones
ending all love and lust?
I foresaw that we would reach our destinations
five hundred years apart
You’d walk into the heaven in the Book
while I continue to roam in this earthly inferno

Originally in Chinese: 《旧约》







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