Crossing the River

Crossing the River

We never trust actors
whether in studios or parliament seats
could tell any truth
Truth had always been deeply locked away in a dark prison
The prison stood on the other side of the half-century long river

Just like we never trusted their promises to build bridges
Those flags tainted with slogans and manifestos
could no longer mask all the holes on the boats
We had been waiting on the river bank for a key
Waiting for someone to come forward

Not one person came forward
The river was long and the torrent rapid
Alligators and piranhas often flaunted their sharp teeth
The floating skulls on the river had long been talking
before we finally understood, there was no need to wait

No bridges, no boats.
We were the 10 million people who threw ourselves into the river
overflowed the murky water, and terminated all evil creatures
Our million footsteps drowned all clever lies
and trampled the uneven riverbed flat
We are the 10 million people crossing the river
The prison crumbled and revealed only emptiness
We opened our arms and breathed the joy of enlightenment
releasing this sky-trembling cheer

Performed 2018.09.16 at A Nation in Verse and Malam Sayu Berpuisi 

Translated from 《越难》







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