A Thousand Reasons

A Thousand Reasons

Because we’ve met
as your eyes shone across the busy hall
I saw lights reflected off your colored hair
and the smile that rekindled my dying dreams

Because a cigarette was lighted
and an explosion triggered
I found heat again in my lonesome winter
Because as I burn, I found my path
in the darkest forest
clearer than ever

But because of the smoke, baby
our future is masked, where the cards cannot foretell
Because this very moment is all that we have
I must unfold my heart and let the secrets fall
My is fading
because you’ve transformed me to my previous form, a frog

Because I am puny and primitive, you see
Because I am undecided between water and land
I didn’t know which is the right way to breath
Am I living or just being not dead
I never needed to find out until you reminded me
of a possibility, or maybe

Because of the way we talk
how time never passes
Or how it travels backwards as I grow younger
Because I’ve discovered a weaving bond
that doesn’t feel like any love I once thought I knew
Because I’ve found faith, as faith has found me
and rises like a mountain in my dreams
Because I could no longer turn back
once I’ve witnessed the flicker of the sunlight behind the peak
Because I need the journey, the adventure
Oh, give me the kiss
to make me the man again
Because I need this arm to wield a sword
and another to hold you
I need the legs to trample my fear
and the shoulder to bear your tears

Because we’ve met
like two stars from separate galaxies
I was seeking a thousand reasons to explain
the cosmic impossibility
But maybe just one would suffice
because we’ve already








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