It Doesn’t Happen That Way

It Doesn't Happen That Way

It doesn't happen that way, bro
Those beautiful stories
about a feather falling off a flying bird
swirling, floating, in the wind, in the clouds
gradually, gently finding you amongst the whole wide world
landing on your shoulder ever so softly
whispering the legends of the skies
Then it happens,
You fucking sneeze

It doesn't happen that way, bro
Love is but hormones
that could be injected and flushed
She is no more special than a needle
You are no more lost than an addict
The longing or the relief are all temporary
The vision fades, the shadow invades
Then it happens,
You are fucked again

It doesn't happen that way, bro
It doesn't happen
at all


Originally in Chinese: 《不是这样发生的》

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Chiew Ruoh Peng

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