Mazda – Good Cars, Insulting Dealership

Mazda - Good Cars, Insulting Dealership

makes good cars. Excellent, actually, if you include in the equation. But I have never bought one. A deal was never closed. Here's why.

Years ago, i stepped in to a Mazda dealership. The salesperson asked, “What are you driving currently?”

“A Subaru STi.” I proudly announced.

“Yeah Ok, but it's ugly.” He said somewhat apologetically.

Yes it is. But I suspect it wouldn't be too wise telling me that in my face. A few years later, I went to a different branch.

The old salesperson wasn't too friendly. He shoved me the brochure and said everything I needed to know had been explained in it. Well, in fact, I prefer reading to listening to him breath.

“If you order, you've gotta wait.” He said.

“Why? For how long?”

“You know, the processes. Not sure how long. Just don't chase after me for it!”

“Ok…” I hesitated.

“And the car will smell.”


“Yeah, been in the cargo hold for too long. And we don't spend money to clean it.”

“Ok…”. Naturally, I left.

Much later, I became interested in the MX5. I think Mazda engineers are geniuses designing the super-quick automatic hardtop. But the price was a little too high for a car of such performance. I called and asked for a test drive. “Sorry, no test driving is allowed for this model.”. Eventually I did get my hands behind the wheel of one, but at Naza.

The latest model is even more charming. So I try to put the woes behind, and asked about the car again.

“Yes, test driving is allowed now. But you have to place a refundable deposit of RM2000.”


“Company policy. So that not anybody can get a free ride on the car.”

Well, I have had cars thrice the price tag. I was never asked to place such deposit when test driving. I walk into showrooms in the shabbiest clothing, with messy hair, yet I get treated like a guest, not some cheapskate looking for a free ride.

MX5 is the bestselling in the world. But I doubt that would be the case here in Malaysia any time soon.

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