My Top 4 Most-Hated Banks (and top 4 good ones)

The Bad Banks

  • Number 1.  HLB.   Hong Leong.  No surprise here.  I just received 2 calls from different agents TODAY selling their loans. Not to mention the other calls they make every now and then. They “misplaced” my loan payments, causing a big scare because of missing money.  They ignored my multiple complaints and even a warning from Bank Negara.  They should rename their acronym to CCB.
  • Number 2.  UOB.  To be fair, service is fair.  But the Relationship Managers only calls you when they want to sell you funds, which will definitely fall 30% in value weeks after you bought them. To be fair, it’s their job, and it’s probably my luck.  They have a broken e-banking system (at least my account is broken) which they couldn’t fix for a year.  And when they found a temporary fix, they didn’t tell me.  To active my ATM card, I had to personally visit their bank.  They had prepared “privileged customer parking” for customers, though it’s almost always occupied by somebody else who is probably just having a teh tarik nearby. This is also the only bank that bills me monthly a bank charge just for maintaining an account with them. Singaporeans.
  • Number 3.  OCBC.  They just made the list by spamming me with loan offers — repeatedly.  The manager did not have the guts to return my calls.  He asked the receptionist to direct my complaint to the call center.  Grow some balls, Mr. Ng.
  • Number 4.  AmBank.  They acquired MBf and totally screwed up the integration process, charging me late fees and interests every month despite me paying on time.  Their call center is flooded and wait time can be up to 30 minutes.  To be fair, they are fixing it…. but it’s been a few months already.

The Good Banks

There are some good banks in my list too.  So to show I don’t just complain about things:

  • Number 1 Good Bank.  RHB Bank.  Service is surprisingly good.  The Relationship Manager is willing to visit us for the smallest matters.  Their investment advice has been sound and “lucky”.
  • Number 2 Good Bank.  HSBC Bank.  Again, the Relationship Manager is helpful.  More importantly, they never hard sell me any funds.  Advice is sound, not because they want to hit quota.  I’m sure they need to hit quota too, but at least they don’t make me feel like a cow for them to milk.  PS: They do block off the “privileged car park” so that real customers can actually use them.
  • Number 3 and 4 would be CIMB Bank and Public Bank.  I can’t decide which gets 3 and which gets 4.  They are there because they do not harass me.  They have my personal details because of previous dealings, but they do not contact me for their “offers”.  I think that shows how they respect the customers’ privacy. Maybe Public Bank should be in third place because its officer helped me exchanged a torn RM10 note while no other banks were willing to handle it.

What’s your list?

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