“Broke” Jokes

GST is coming. Time to re-run my “Broke” jokes.


Some friends told me my series of “Broke” jokes on Facebook status were pretty funny.  So I thought I’d compile them all, and post it on my blog.  Enjoy!  (… assuming you’re not a BN politician)

  • Broke. Would sell jokes for cash. Then come Najib with kangkung ruining my potential career.
  • Broke. Would sell Nokia Windows Phone for cash. Posted online ad but admin moved it to Construction Material section, under Bricks.
  • Broke. Would sell rims for cash. Very new. Yet to run over Najib. Seriously, rims for Renault Megane 250 or 265.
  • Broke. Would sell future for cash. A Thai prospect called me for location, and accused me of lying: “You from Malaysia. Where got future?”
  • Broke. Would sell Chinese for cash. MCA immediately called me to run for president.
  • Broke. Would sell dog for cash. Najib walked by and said “Dun wan. I already have MCA.”.  Anybody want a…

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