How to REALLY extend your smartphone battery life

How to REALLY extend your smartphone battery life

by Chiew Ruoh Peng

  • Look ahead when you are walking.
  • Look at the person to whom you are talking.
  • Look at the person who is talking to you.
  • Look at the person who is looking at you. Who knows, he might be thinking about robbing you.
  • When you are driving, just drive.
  • Accept the fact that nobody, including yourself, will ever care or remember the food you consume.
  • Instead of snapping the video of your friend’s party, be in the party.
  • Trust your phone. It beeps when you get any messages. You don’t have to check it every 5 minutes.
  • Uninstall games. Life is not that boring.  (If yours is, you have a bigger problem than battery life)
  • When you are going to sleep, you don’t need to read the email that chase you for the report due the next day.
This is your life. The world can wait.
You are not only extending your battery life.  You are expanding YOUR life.








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