The Un-aired Prank Call by Najib

The Un-aired Prank Call by Najib

Najib recently played part-time DJ to show off his “cool” side to the youngsters.  Here’s a section that they didn’t air:

Najib: “Hello, good morning.”

Man: “Hello, who’s this?”

Najib: “Hello! This is the Prime Minister of Malaysia!”

Man, clearly irritated by the prank call: “Fuck you.  Waste my time. Fuck you.”

Najib laughed wryly, “No, this really IS Najib.  Hear my voice.”

Man was startled, “Really, you really are the Prime Minister?”

Najib said, “Yes.  I am playing DJ and making prank calls.”

Man reconfirmed, “Really, you really are the PM?  And we are on air!”

Najib laughed, “Yes and yes.”

“Well then,”Man began enunciating: “F-u-c-k you.  Waste all Malaysians’ time.  F-u-c-k you.”




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