“Your wifi reception’s weak because you’re using Google Chrome”

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All the late nights pulled by the engineers to design outstanding products.  All the millions of dollar poured into marketing in the highly competitive IT industry.  Why would let one single technician screw it all up?

I have bought a Samsung Series 9 notebook.  It is excellent except for weak wifi reception.  I brought it to Samsung service center located beside Federal highway.  The time was about 11:00am.  After waiting for about 30 minutes, the service personnel at the counter listened to my complaint and called the technician, “A customer asking to see you…. Come lah, only for a while.. No I am not lying to you.  Why must I pay you 10 Ringgit?  Lunch later lah.  Come.”

I had a not-so-good feeling about this.

Then came Mr. Naga, “What problem?”

I didn't know what to say at first, because he looked more like a plumber.  I gathered my thoughts and explained that the notebook had weak wifi.  He looked at the screen, fumbled with the keyboard a little bit, and told me (and I kid you not), “Your wifi reception's weak because you're using Google Chrome!”

I was overwhelmed.  He just fried my brain and froze my vocal cord.  I couldn't speak a word.  He opened up Internet Explorer and browse a few pages, “See.  It's working.”

“That's because the router is just there!”  I pointed at the router right behind him. “I'm not saying it's not working.  I'm saying it's got bad reception.”

“If you are far away from the router, of course signal weak.”  Naga explained.

“I know, but my other notebooks are fine.  My smartphone is fine.  Maybe you can replace the wifi adapter or something.  That's why I am bringing it here.”  I had a feeling I was getting nowhere.

“We can re-format your hard drive.  Reinstall Windows in the CD.  Use back original driver.”  Naga said.  I was a little surprised that he even knew the word “driver”.

“To fix a hardware problem?  I have already researched the problem on the Internet and installed the latest drivers as instructed by your other technician.  Don't treat me like an idiot.  I've been in the business for more than 10 years!”  At this point, I was probably visibly irritated.

Then Naga's phone rang.  He answered, “Hello?  Abu?  Coming coming.  Got customer here.  Wait wait.”  Apparently his lunch buddy called.

Naga turned to me, “Yes.  Reformat hard drive.”

I knew better.  It would be a complete waste of time. “Go have your lunch.”  I said.  That put a smile of relief on Naga's face.  He left quickly.

So did I, promising myself not to return.  Ever.

Samsung is getting tremendously popular in the recent years.  Apparently, some part of the enormous organization cannot cope with the growth.  They forget their mission to serve customers and solve their problems.  Not chasing them out of the door.  I silently reminded myself, such oversight must never happen in my company.

Naga will have to go back to plumbing soon.  I am fairly certain about it.

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