If nuclear crisis happens in Malaysia…

If nuclear crisis happens in Malaysia…

“Eh, this needle is pointing in the red zone.  Mari tengok!”  Ahmad said in a worried voice.

Ah Kau came by and took a glance, “It's like that one lah.  Off and on become red.  You new here, so you don't know.  No need worry.”

“Why red?  Doesn't it mean danger?”  Asked Ahmad.

“Dunno.  I asked before.  Nobody knows. Eh, later we go visit Muthu in hospital, you come?”  Ah Kau asked.

“Ok, but who's Muthu?”

“Our colleague.”

“What happened?”

“He has cancer.”

“Alamak.  Which part of the body?”

“Entire body, but no worries.  In fact, doctor said he is so mutated he might  actually become X-Man.”  Explained Ah Kau optimistically.

“Is it cause by radiation in this nuclear plant?”  Ahmad looked very concerned.

“Boss say no wor.  But as a precaution, he added one more job shift so we can rotate.  Everyone spent less time exposed.  But salary also cut lah.”

While Ahmad pondered the logic behind that argument, he noticed the needle was still pointing in the red zone, and rising.  He pointed at it and asked Ah Kau again, “Is it normal too?”

Ah Kau frowned, “No.  Shit.  Why happen on my shift.  I must ask supervisor.”  He yelled, “Mana En. Abu?”

Someone yelled back, “Dia dah pergi minum!”

Ah Kau called Abu several times, but DiGi wouldn't connect.  So he called the other supervisor, Suresh, who's using Maxis, and told him about the indicator.

Suresh said, “It means nuclear leak lah.  Something is hot.  Got radiation.”

Ah Kau exclaimed, “Shit!  Why?  How to fix?”

Suresh said, “How I know?  Never happened before.  You go find the operation manual and read lah.”

“Isn't this dangerous?  Can kill people one?  Can you come help?”

“Not my shift lah.  Go ask Abu.”

“Dia dah pergi minum!”

“Not my shift lah.  I gotta go mamak stall watch football.”

“Eh, this thing kaboom, whole Malaysia die wor.”

“Why don't you ask Abu's manager?  He should know.”  Suresh said impatiently.

“Who's that?”

“How'd I know?  He so high up in the food chain?  After taking picture with the PM in front of reporters, I never see him again.”  Then Suresh hanged up in a hurry.

Ah Kau looked at Ahmad, not knowing what to do.  Suddenly the bell rang.

“Thank god!”  Ah Kau cried in relief, “Our shift's over.  Not our problem any more.  Let's go minum.”

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