Complaint Letter to Hong Leong

Mr. Raymond Cheah
Hong Leong Bank
5 Tower A, PJ City Development
15A Jalan 219 Section 51A
46100 Petaling Jaya

Jan 12, 2011

Mr. Cheah

Re: Telemarketing Calls AGAIN!!!

Since December 2010, there are 2 more junk calls from Hong Leong.

· One is from your Bandar Baru Ampang branch. It was the second time they called, though I complained directly to them not to call before.

· One is from YOUR OWN BUILDING, a Jeffrey Goh, Financial Dept, handphone 012-6185519, at approximately 1:40pm today.

Have you been bullshitting me all the while regarding your no-call list? The junk calls never stopped. Pardon my vocabulary. I can’t think of a more polite and respectful word to express my true feeling towards your company.

Stop harassing me.

Chiew Ruoh Peng

CC: Bank Negara, BNM Ref: (JKK/CMAB/2010/0339802)

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