Mitsubishi-Proton 1-Night-Stand. Bastard Inspira born.

Mitsubishi-Proton 1-Night-Stand. Bastard Inspira born.
Either the Mitsubishi chief got fed-up with bragging about it’s Inspira being better, or Proton begged Mitsubishi to validate its claims. The results:

Star Motoring – Mitsubishi- technical collaboration for Inspira only

To me, what Mitsubishi essentially said was this: Ok guys, we had a 1-night-stand with Proton. I didn’t expect this baby.
“Each brand also caters to a different group of customer segments with a different set of driving desires and expectations,” he said in a statement. It means if you expect and desire to survive in a crash, get the Lancer. Hell, if you want to AVOID a crash, get Lancer. If you want your power window to function, get Lancer. He made it clear it’s 100% Japanese quality control.
Just how lazy are the Proton designers? Look at the pictures. They just turned the grill upside-down.
In one of the news published, Proton chief said people would still bash them even if they come up with a better product, simply because they are Proton. Well, Proton, what you really want to ponder is, why can’t you make us Malaysians proud after 25 years?








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