Why Inspira will become a hot seller…

Why Inspira will become a hot seller...

周若鹏 zhouruopeng.com: What Inspira?! Insult-la!: “Today is the saddest day in Malaysian automotive manufacturing history. It’s also the saddest day in our automotive branding history. It’s a…”

I’m not done feeling how stupid this entire Inspira business is. The first sign of stupidity is the promotional gimmick you see in the picture — the Inspira crashes through a wall. Crashing before even launched? Not a good sign.
I read Paul Tan’s article, and it says that it’s common practice for manufacturers to re-brand cars for vehicle types that are not familiar with. Aston Martin re-branded the small IQ as its Cygnet, among many other examples. Furthermore, Proton said they don’t expect high sales volume. So they save on R&D costs.
So, they’re saying Proton isn’t familiar with making mainstream 4-door sedans, after 26 years of making 4-door sedans? How stupid can they be? As for the argument on low sales volume and cost-saving, I can understand — but if they had done it right from day one, and have a healthy export market by now (like the Koreans), this need not happen, does it?
But I do believe Proton has underestimated the sales of Inspira in Malaysia. Many would jump at it. Strip of the Proton Thundercat badge and put on the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution one. Soup it up a little. This time, you can’t call it Waja-lution or Inspira-lution —
Because this time, you really can’t tell the difference.








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