Dare to buy a car with Microsoft logo?

Dare to buy a car with Microsoft logo?
Would you buy a car with Microsoft logo on it? So now you gotta tolerate the unpredictable slow-down when you depress the throttle? And re-start the car at every traffic light? So do you need to install anti-virus on your car too?

: Microsoft releases car infotainment software – Star-Motoring

The gear shifter will probably be renamed “joystick”. But the joy won’t be there, because from our experience with the PC, Big M is going to make y0ur car a “hard drive”. In addition to oil service, now you gotta “patch” your car every 48 hours. It will probably do it automatically in the background, but your car will stop dead in the middle of the highway while it reboots.

That brings “crashing” to a whole new level of meanings. And when you say “corrupted” in a car, you no longer just refer to the traffic police.




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