What Inspira?! Insult-la!

What Inspira?! Insult-la!
Today is the saddest day in Malaysian automotive manufacturing history. It's also the saddest day in our automotive branding history. It's also the saddest day in automotive cultural history. Please welcome the Inspira. Whether you welcome it or not, it's here.

: Enter the Inspira – Star-Motoring

After 26 years of “making” cars. After we have suffered 26 years of over-priced imported, better cars. We have suffered for nothing. After 26 years, we have yet to learn how to build a good car ourselves. 26 years. T-w-e-n-t-y S-i-x. Even a monkey could learn how to talk by now.
We are still copying. And still copying from the same old Mitsubishi Lancer. And these guys have the guts to name it “Inspira”, from “Inspirasi”, or “Inspiration”. That's an insult to the word.  “Oh I am inspired by Hamlet– ‘To be or not to be…'  Let's call my work HamSap.”
It's an insult to innovation — what innovation?  We only have a culture of playing copycat.

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Chiew Ruoh Peng

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