Proton recalls Gen2 and Neo

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What do you know!

News: Clock spring defect sparks Proton recall – Star-Motoring

Kudos to Proton! As if they have read my previous blog post “If Proton is gonna recall their cars….”, they are recalling about 16,000 Gen2s and Neos with defective clock springs. They have even setup an honest web site  explaining the recall. In short, the airbag can deploys itself and kill yer, among other annoyance.
I think they’re doing the right thing. But the problematic cars were manufactured between 2004 and 2008. Now it’s near the end of 2010. What took them so long? Are they waiting for all the customers to get killed off first? So that they don’t REALLY need to incur any repair costs? Then, the only cost is for setting up a web site, showing how responsible they are.
Yeah, I’m just being sarcastic, for fun. It’s definitely a good move. Proton has been doing quite a bit of impressive stuff lately, such as their Project Emas for a greener car. Let’s hope they keep up the good work.

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