If Proton is gonna recall its cars…

If Proton is gonna recall its cars...
Hyundai recalls 139,500 Sonatas in US on steering

If recalls its cars…
user posted imageOf course, it will never happen. Even if every other self-combusted killing half the Malaysian population (only Malaysians, not many actually get exported), treading the fine Malaysian culture crafted by smart politicians like Sami Vellu, it’d be considered "Act of God".
"Hey, the car exploded and everybody died. Nobody can prove shit. Let the insurance company worry about it."
But let’s say if Proton ever recalls its cars, what would be the reasons?  Top off my head, faulty power windows and door handles that come off. I really don’t need to provide any proof for this. Just pay attention to the Proton in front of you at the toll booth. Observe how the driver has to open the door to pay. Did Proton issue any recall? No.
Some other horror stories I’ve heard are about the airbags. Usually airbag functions like so:
Drive -> Crash -> Airbag deploys -> Saves you
In Proton’s case, it could be like so
Drive -> Airbag deploys -> Crash -> Kills you
At first I thought it was a distant case when airbags were first fitted, but no. Check this case. It deployed even when the car was stationary.  http://forum.lowyat.net/topic/1015901
Another case: friend’s friend (can’t remember who) crashed. Airbag did not deploy. He was not severely injured so he walked out of the car. And Poof. There came the airbag. He probably kicked the car, I don’t remember the details. Did Proton recall anything? No. Isolated cases. Act of God.  You die, you die. Not their problem.  It’s better for a mistake to be fatal, so that you cannot sue.
When I see Hyundai recalling their cars, I don’t just see problematic workmanship or design. I see responsible companies. They try to address problem before it claims lives. Will Malaysian companies become as responsible?  I hope.
I try to believe our Proton never makes mistake big enough that warrants a recall — such as randomly deployed airbags.
What do you know?  What have you heard?  If Proton shall recall its cars, what would be the reasons?  Comment here.








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