F**k off again, HL “叫你老细去死啦,你哋Call咗成万次啦,扑街!”

Anti-Junk Call

Yes, HL called again during the several hours I had my phone filter off.  For those who can’t read Cantonese, let me translate and analyze for you, and you shall see how relatively civilized this message is.

"叫你老细去死啦" = Ask your boss to go and die.

"你哋Call咗成万次啦" = You people have called me almost ten thousand times

"扑街!" = Throw oneself onto the street.

My friends told me I had been unkind to the pitiful HL telemarketer, after reading my previous blog post.  She was just doing her job as instructed by her boss.  According to the same logic, I should sympathize with the goons working for Ah Longs (loan sharks) burning down grandmas’ houses.  Furthermore, one of the friends is working for Hong Leong as a senior manager — in sales.  So I am not too sure how objective she can be.

Anyway, I took her advice.  If you look at my message, I am asking the caller to tell his BOSS to go and die.  It’s not targeted at the helpless goon.  The next sentence, I said "you people", addressing them collectively.  As for 扑街, well, it flows.  If you read the whole sentence again, you’d find that it only sounds right ending with 扑街.

You might still accuse me for being rude.  But I don’t always reply like that.  I didn’t always.  If you read my previous post first, you’d realize I’ve tried many polite, official manners to stop the banks from calling.  They are taking away my time and attention without my permission.  Who’s rude?

Here’s another victim http://www.minishorts.net/2009/09/02/1549/ But I’m done with complaining on the blogs.  I am taking action:

  • I called Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission.  I figured if they could take Jamal of FM988 off air, perhaps they can do something with the banks too.  I am very impressed with the professionalism of the MCMC personnel who took my call.  She explained in detail about the laws and example cases.  But let me summarize:
    MCMC can’t do a thing about it.
    First, there’s no law against telemarketing.  There’s no law against banks selling our data to any crooks.  The good news is, there is a smaller committee working on data protection laws.  Furthermore, I can’t prove anything because the calls were not recorded.  She did however recommend me to complain to Bank Negara.
  • So that’s what I’d do.  I have already called Bank Negara about filing a complain.  The letter shall be faxed and mailed to them, even though I suspect there’s little they can do, because I don’t have recorded conversation and detail records of all the calls.
  • I started a Facebook group http://www.facebook.com/#!/group.php?gid=158220040859450 to share resources on how to stop junk calls.  For example, software to bar calls, blacklists, etc.  If you’re a victim too, join me.
  • I am going to get in touch with YB Tony Pua.  It’s a long shot, but I think the lawmakers should be made aware that the people are pissed.


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