F**k off, Hong Leong

I received an unidentified call.  I picked it up.  A woman asked, "Are you Mr. Chiew?  Are you convenient to talk?"

"You’re from Hong Leong."  I instinctively said.

"How did you know?"  She sounded surprised.

"F**k off." I hung up.

That was rather impolite, in retrospect.  But imagine, I got an unknown call, I said it’s Hong Leong, and it’s a hit.  So, can you imagine how often I get telemarketing calls from Hong Leong?  I have written polite letters and impolite letters asking them to stop harassing me.  I have asked them politely over the phone, and I have tried using profanity to make my point. 

And they are still calling, interrupting my work, eating up my time.  Who’s rude?

To be fair, not just Hong Leong.  There are other banks too.  Can’t ANYONE do ANYTHING to stop them?  Are there laws yet that can protect us from being harassed?  Instead of taking Jamal of FM988 off air and filtering Raja Petra blogs, I think MCMC can do something more useful here.

While there’s no law that can protect us, here’s how I protect myself.  I use call filtering software.  For Windows Mobile, there’s MagiCall.  For Android, there’s NetQin Mobile Manager.  Both software can be set to only allow known contacts to call, or run in a blacklist mode.  If I had it on earlier, the Hong Leong caller would’ve been bumped into voicemail.  Furthermore, junk SMS can also be filtered.   You regain control over your phone.  It never ever rings and beeps again for those god-damned telemarketers.

Or you can do this:


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