Proton Rocks?

Proton Rocks?

: Toyota to recall 138,000 Lexus vehicles in US – Star-Motoring

For the first time in automotive history, you can buy a Proton and say, “It’s better quality than a Toyota, you know!”

Well, maybe. Proton don’t recall cars. You should be happy already when they can recall your service record, or recall selling you a car.

I’ve heard good things about the Ride & Handling in Proton, though I can’t verify. One particularly impressive news is about the Project Emas, Proton putting effort into building hybrids. That is the right way to go, building environmental-friendly cars. I really hope Proton can deliver. They maybe late again (like Campro), but I hope they’ll get there. It’ll be better for the environment and everyone. Because like it or not, Proton is still going to be a prominent brand in Malaysia for a long time.



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