The night before the race, I was weighing my underpants

The night before the race, I was weighing my underpants

I was holding 2 pairs of shoes, one in each hand, trying to figure out which was lighter.

After removing the carpets and first aid kit, I was scouting to remove more stuff. I don’t need the cigarette lighter. Yes, it probably weights 2 grams only. But I don’t smoke. For all you know, saving 2 grams might give me extra 0.0002 seconds. Along that line, I dismantled the ashtray as well. There, another 0.0002s.

I removed the Smart Tag, keeping just the Touch and Go card. I removed one credit card and three other membership cards from my wallet. Business cards gotta go too, and I reserved just enough cash for 2 meals. I removed all music CDs except one rock and roll album, which will help boost my spirit tomorrow.

I removed coupons. They are expiring soon anyway. I removed tissue papers. I can just wipe anything with my shirt. The harder decision came as I stared at the tyre repair kit. I don’t have a spare tyre. The kit might come in handy. So even though it’s somewhat heavy, it’s gonna stay. I proceeded to remove the umbrella, though. I could brave the rain for once or twice. There’s only 40% chance of rain tomorrow, according to Weatherbug.

I drained the wiper fluid. I offered to run errands for the family to burn away more petrol. When I really saw there’s nothing else to be removed, I seriously regret not losing more body weight earlier. Seriously, at 1.4 ton, I probably have the heaviest car in the competition. Most cars are below 1.2 ton. And my own weight… let’s not go there. I am running against slim drivers slimmer cars like Lotus Exige. So, I am forced to consider other options for lightening the load, such as wearing short pants instead of long ones.  In the end, I probably saved 1kg.  But I found that the exercise prepared me for the race psychologically.  It’s like a ritual.

I didn’t really weight my underpants. The plan is, just don’t wear any.

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