The thank-you speech I didn’t get to deliver

The thank-you speech I didn’t get to deliver

“Thank you, Zahril, for missing the last round.  Thank Mohan, because his car broke down before the last round.  Because of you, I became the Novice Champion of GRA 2009.  You guys beat me every round previously.  But I had better attendance.”  (Grin)

“Thank Ian and Jian Nin for running the event.  Thank Ivan, Andy and everybody for all the advice and pointers, and the time spent/wasted teaching me.  It's like teaching a turtle to jump.  I know I've been slow.”

“Sometimes I ask myself why I'm still involved in motorsports.  It burns money.  It burns time..  It doesn't really accomplish anything.  And I'm not good at it.  So why still do it?  I think it's because of you guys, the drivers.  No, I don't mean fellowship or brotherhood.  Not just that.  That'd be cliche.”

“I mean you guys, the drivers, are inspiration to me.  I'm inspired by you on the circuit.  People like William Lim, Jason Foo, Ian Khong, , Andy Kow, ‘Tengku Chai', Kenneth Chiew, Julian Pang and many more, they have been achieving things that I once thought impossible.  That I still feel impossible even though I witnessed them with my own eyes.  Those're little miracles to me, ladies and gentlemen.”

“So, if miracles can happen here, a small circuit in a parking lot, perhaps there's nothing impossible in our lives out there.  Thank you.”

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