I have to speed. It’s the Law.

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It is. The Law of Physics, that is. Speed = Distance / Time. It simply means the faster you travel, you cover more distance in less time. Time is money, and time is life. So, imposing a speed limit is like imposing a limit on how much money you may make and how long you may live. Driving slowly is no so different from slow-mo money burning and slow-mo suicide. Therefore, it’s been proven that speed limit is merely an illogical and irrational propaganda. It is most probably an excuse for the government to suck your wallet dry in order to feed kopi to the Men in White.

Let’s say you drive 30km a day in the urban area. Your average speed is 40km/h. So you spend 45 minutes on the road daily. If you speed up at certain stretches and raise your average speed to 50km/h, you save 9 minutes a day. If you drive 300 days in a year, you save a total of 45 hours. That’s almost 2 days. If you speed cautiously, you’ll probably get 2 summons a year, costing you RM400, after discount. Is 2 days of your life worth RM400?

The Law of Physics overrides any laws made by men, including Malaysian laws. Furthermore, according to Wikipedia, the main cause of road accidents isn’t necessarily speeding. Instead, it’s the difference of speed. When everybody travels at 110km/h, it’s OK. When everybody travels at 150km/h, it’s OK too. What’s hazardous is an uncle cutting in at 50km/h.

It’s also safer if you speed. You see, when you drive faster, your average time of encounter with the cars around you become shortened. Which means, idiots have less time, thus less opportunity to manifest their moronity which could potentially enrage you. Hence, you feel more serene. You live longer. There’s less road rage cases. The roads become safer. All these, because you speed.

Disclaimer: Like all scientific hypothesis, this is subject to counter-proof. A scientist suggesting urine as a cure for common cold does not means he has tried it himself. Common sense applies. Drive “safe”.

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