How is a MyVi better than a Ferrari

Red ferrari

This piece of news really opened my eyes and touched my heart.  A MyVi fulfilled the dreams of every Malaysian –, the Malaysian Dream — by pursuing and ramming a snatch thief to death.

What moved me the most was, you probably can't do it in any other cars.  If the “victim” (of robbery in this case) was a Kancil, the thief would've already reached Seremban when she reached 100km/h.  Not in our macho Evo police car either.  The police would probably charge the 280hp too hard, brake too late, miss the turn-off, say “what the hell” and go teh tarik.

Not in the bigger cars like Wira, Perdana, Camry, Accord, etc.  Besides being heavier and less agile than the MyVi, they probably cannot enter the narrow lanes like the motorcyclist can.  Not in a Cooper S.  Forget the Italian Job.  Even if you can keep up, you would think thrice before ramming him – you can buy 5 MvVi's with 1 Mini here.

What if you are in the ?  Then it's just loose change that he snatched, let him have it.   The petrol burned chasing him would've costed more.  So you aren't even motivated to accomplish the Malaysian Dream in a Ferrari.

Thanks to our overly protective National Automotive Policy, we already have plenty of MyVi's out there.  That's the only better alternative that most people can afford.  As there is virtually no competition, our national car manufacturers can really take a NAP.  So be afraid, be very afraid, god damned snatch thieves!

The next thing we need, may I suggest, is to further revise the NAP, making it legal to ram and repetitively run over snatch thieves — in MyVi's only.  Furthermore, all damages will be fully insured by Kurnia.  We keep scores and give out prizes for ramming thieves.

That would be great, wouldn't it?  Let's ask Kenneth.  He would know. He told me he rammed one.  But he didn't kill the thief.  Of course he couldn't.  He wasn't driving a MyVi.

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