Hands (and Foot) of a Champion

Hands (and Foot) of a Champion

Having in-car video camera to film my is immensely helpful. It is even more helpful when you get to film how a champion would drive the same car for comparison. I was really lucky, and grateful for the opportunity.

Weirdest of all, my left hand reached for the handbrake as I turn the steering wheel left. That was so unnecessary and I risk losing some control of the car. The scary bit was that it was an unconscious movement. So in the future I must consciously force my hands on the wheel.  [

Ivan almost always have both hands on the wheel. He exercises the economy of movement. There were no wasted movement and moment. Even when he was surprised by the non-working handbrake, he reacted very quickly by booting the throttle. That coincides with what I have read. The less input you feed into the car, the faster you go.

His hand movements were definite and decisive, knowing exactly where the car will be pointed. Mine was messy, often with minute correction.

When Ivan executed his doughnut, he used more throttle than I did, revving maybe between 4000 to 6000rpm. He modulated the throttle, turning the car with it. Me on the other hand only applied maybe 2000 to 3000rpm. I was probably just “hoping” the car would point at the right direction eventually, by divine intervention. The rear re-gained traction and I had to correct with steering. That was wasted motion.

Ivan also looked further ahead. “What you don't see, won't hit you.” That's one thing I have to force myself to do.

Another big “thank you” to Ivan and Andy.

By the way, I have seen my KKS results.  I was slower in the last rounds when I drove more cautiously.  The surprise though, was that I drove fastest in the practice run, when I had no pressure and no intention to go fast at all.  What's wrong with me?  Click here for previous story.

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