Initial “M” – for Malaysia

Initial D

We all know the Japanese comic, Initial D.  If there's ever such a comic, “Initial M”…

  1. Takumi would drive a Saga hatchback.
  2. The decal would say “Ampang Yong Tau Fu”
  3. Takumi hangs his hand out of the window all the time because he can't close it.
  4. The cars will feature earth-trembling stereo and blue neon lights.
  5. Bunta would eventually buy a Sabaru (Satria converted , seriously, there's one near my house)
  6. It would probably have to end at Stage 1, because Malaysians only build so many models of FF cars.
  7. Spectators would gather around the crashed loser instead, to get the license plate number.
  8. Loser would actually need to pay money to the winner.  In “M”, honor doesn't matter so much.
  9. Spectators will be betting who's winning too.
  10. There would actually be Police, taking commission off that money.
  11. There would be a TT after every battle for bragging.
  12. Clips published on YouTube.
  13. Takumi would get pissed off with Natsuki Mogi because she works in a spa part-time.
  14. Natsuki Mogi, after riding with some man in a Perdana, later got blown to pieces.
  15. Ryosuke Takahashi plays pirated Grand Turismo on his computer for race analysis.
  16. Spectators can't locate the battle venues because “Project M” forum is all off topic.
  17. Tyres would actually cost money.
  18. Profanity would be widely employed in 3 languages.
  19. … and 1 dialect: kua ha mi, ai pak si bo?
  20. … and fingers
  21. Racers' day jobs will be revealed, like selling pirate DVDs, loan shark, etc.
  22. Yes, “Takumi” is indeed a Malaysian nickname — “Takut Me”

by Chiew Ruoh Peng. 2007

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